Gluten-Free Diet is the Future says Pulse Canada

May 2, 2011

Gluten-Free Diet is being promoted by Pulse Canada as a response to the increasing demand by ordinary consumers. They have just released a downloadable PDF that contains recipes for foods that are free of the protein gluten.The eBook contains food preparation instructions for meals, baked goods and even snacks that are totally gluten-free.This project was developed by Shelley Case, RD, a renowned author and expert dietitian and Carol Fenster, PhD, a specialist on health and the so-called authority on gluten-free diet. Fernster has written several gluten-free recipe manuals over the past years.

Peter Watts, Director of Market Innovation for Pulse Canada stressed the importance of the book in an interview. “Gluten-free is one of the fastest growing food market segments. As many as one in 133 people are affected by some level of gluten intolerance. Pulses and pulse ingredients are gluten-free and easy to use in many recipes including baked goods, snacks and meals,” said Watts.
Chronic health issues can be avoided by taking in healthy diet according to experts. This explains why gluten-free diet is fast rising in popularity. This food type is characterized by having a good amount of vegetable protein and the much needed complex carbohydrates. Dietary fibers which are needed for good digestion and other minerals and vitamins like iron and potassium can also be found in these foods. source


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