Better Decisions About Food

Apr 10, 2011

Christopher Elliott who writes “The Navigator” travel column for The Washington Post and serves as National Geographic Traveler magazine's reader advocate, remembers life as a stress eater.
“I’ve been there,” Elliott said. “Enough so that I’ve had to pack the pants that are a little baggy because two weeks into a business trip I’d fit snuggly into those pants.”

He put on a lot of “sympathy weight” when his wife, Kari was pregnant with their first of three children. “I was drinking a lot because I was stressed out about having a baby,”Elliott said . That meant having a half bottle of wine and half pint of ice cream each night. It led to weighing 230-pounds. It took Elliott, 34 years-old  and 6'1 at the time, a full year to drop 55 pounds to reach his ideal weight of 175-pounds. He did it by running five times a week, working up to five miles a day and more importantly, he said, by changing his eating routine.

Elliott, 42, now adheres to a strict eating regiment to maintain his weight. That becomes particularly difficult when traveling for business.“I’ve actually been mocked at meals,” said Elliott, who writes a syndicated travel column for Tribune media services. “I want to be polite, and maybe this comes across as being smug, but the people who are making fun of me for not eating dessert definitely look like they haven’t ever missed a meal.”

Even though there are double standards for men and women, Elliott said, “Men can’t get away with being fat like they used to. There’s nothing endearing about having a beer gut.”

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