A larger look at Gluten Free Food

Dec 3, 2010
Vegetarian Gluten-Free and Gluten Containing Foods
Food Gluten Free Gluten Containing
Cereals, flours, cakes & biscuits Arrowroot, buckwheat, corn/maize, potato flour, rice, rice bran, rice flour, sago, tapioca, soya, soya bran, soya flour. Wheat, wholemeal, wholewheat & wheatmeal flour, wheat bran, barley, rye, rye flour, pasta, noodles, semolina, All baked foods made from wheat, rye, semolina, barley & pearl barley.
Dairy products & eggs Eggs, milk, cream, butter, cheese, curd cheese, coffee whiteners, soya products Some yoghurts (eg muesli yoghurt), some cheese spreads
Puddings Tapioca, sago, rice, custard. Semolina, sponge pudding, pastry, pies, wafers.
Beverages Tea, coffee, herb tea, fizzy drinks, fruit squash, cocoa, marmite, most alcoholic drinks. Barley based drinks, barley fruit drinks, malted drinks, beer.
Fruit & vegetables All fruits & vegetables, unless with certain sauces or cooked with gluten containing foods .
Nuts, seeds & pulses All, except certain brands of baked beans and beans with a gluten containing sauce .
Preserves & confectionary Jam, marmalade, sugar, honey, treacle, molasses, golden syrup, some brands of chocolate & sweets. Confectionary containing flour, some brands of lemon curd
Soups & sauces Gluten-free if thickened with a suitable flour. Many manufactured sauces, stock cubes, and soups contain gluten .
Miscellaneous Salt, pepper, vinegar, herbs & spices, tamari, yeast, most food colourings and essences. Some pepper compounds, shoyu, ready-mix spices, some seasoning powders, certain brands of mustard. Certain medicines may contain gluten.
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